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Blade Height Spacers for FLYMO Lawnmower x 6


Two Peg Blade Height Spacers for FLYMO Lawn Mower (Pack of 6)

Brand new, premium quality compatible replacement blade height spacers for your Flymo Lawnmower.

Fits models:


300V, E25, E250, E30, E300, E38, E400, E47, E52, Easi Bag, Easi Glide 300, Easi Glide 330, Easi Glide 330 (EG330), Easi Glide 330VX (EG330VX), Easi Glide 330XV, Easi Glide 330XV (EG330XV), EASIBAG, Easiglide 300V, EASIGLIDE 330VX, Glide Master 340 (GM340), Glide Master 360 (GM360), Glide Master 380 (GM380), Glider 330, GM360, GM380, H3000, H4000, Hover Compact 300, Hover Stripe RXE300, Hover Vac 280, Hover Vac 280 (EG280), HOVERSTRIPE RXE250, HOVERSTRIPE RXE300, HOVERVAC 3000, HOVERVAC 4000, L300, MINIMO PLUS XE, Sprinter, SPRINTER E25, SPRINTER E250, SPRINTER E30, SPRINTER E300, SPRINTER E38, SPRINTER E400, SPRINTMASTER XE25, SPRINTMASTER XE250, SPRINTMASTER XE30, SPRINTMASTER XE38, TC330, TL330, TL350, Turbo Compact 350, Turbo Compact 380, Turbo Compact Vision 350, Turbo Compact Vision 380, Turbo Lite 300, Turbo Lite 330, Turbo Lite 350, Turbo Lite 400, TURBOLITE 350, Turbolite 400, VC330, VC350, VC380, VISION COMPACT 330, Vision Compact 350 Plus, Vision Compact 380, XE250, XE30, XE300, XE38, XE400, XE47

Easi Glide 300 (EG300) Pre 2021, Easi Glide 300V (EG300V) Pre 2021, Easi Glide 330 (EG330) Pre 2021, ***Please note: will only fit these specific models. For models showing a specific year of manufacture, please check the year of manufacture of your machine to ensure a match before purchase***

**Please note: all dimensions indicated in this ad are approximate and may vary slightly from indicated measurements. They are included as a guide to assist you in selecting the right part for your machine**

This product is is designed to be compatible with Flymo machines and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer.