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Candy Tumble Dryer Water Collector Container Bottle 40008542 40006253

by Candy
Genuine Candy Tumble Dryer Door Water Container

Brand new genuine original water holder bottle for your Candy tumble dryer.

42cm x 37cm

Fits models:

EVOC 1379NXB-47, EVOC 1379XB-47, EVOC 5913B-47, EVOC 5913NBX-47, EVOC 8813AB-47, EVOC 980AT-47, EVOC 9813NA1X-47, EVOC 9813XA-47, EVOC 981A-S, EVOH 9713NA1-01, EVOH 9813NA1-S, EVOH 9813NA2-01, EVOH 9813NA2-S, GCC 5813NB-80, GCC 6912PPB-47, GCC 6912PPNB-47, GCH 9813NA1-S, GOC 1379 XB, GOC 79132XB, GOC 7913C-12, GOC 7913XB, GVC 71013NB-S, GVC 71013NBX-47, GVC 7810NB-47, GVC 7813NB-S, GVC 7813NBX-47, GVC 7913NB-S, GVC 7913NBX-47, GVH 9813NA1-S, GVH 9913NA1-S, GVH 9913NA1X-47, GVH 9913NA2-S
***Please note: all dimensions indicated in this ad are approximate and may vary slightly from indicated measurements. They are included as a guide to assist you in selecting the right part for your machine***