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Knee & Shin Guards for Martial Arts / MMA Sparring / Muai Thai Boxing / Kickboxing (One Size, Black, 2 Pairs)

Knee & Shin Guards for Martial Arts/MMA Sparring/Muai Thai Boxing/Kickboxing (2 Pairs)

Shinguards with CE approval to offer maximum protection for the lower leg & knee. Comfortable & lightweight, these leg protectors can be worn over standard clothing.

Product details:
One Size
2 Pairs
Colour: Black
Length: 460mm / 46cm
Category 1 PPE protection against minor injuries
4 quick release adjustable snap buckles
Shinguards with CE approval
Maximum protection for the lower leg & knee
Padded lining & high impact plastic outer guard
Comfortable & lightweight
Each guard weights approx 200g
Fit over standard work wear
Made from EVA foam, polyethylene reinforcements & elastic straps
Machine washable (please ensure fully dry before use)