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Miele KK Hyclean Vacuum Dust Bags (Pack of 15) 10123260 9359880 4781192

by Miele

Genuine Miele Vacuum Cleaner KK Bags & Filters Kit 10123260 9359880 4781192

Pack of 15 brand new genuine original replacement HyClean bags and filters for your Miele vacuum cleaner. These dustbags are constructed from a special fleece material that provides nine layers of filtration, allowing your vacuum cleaner to capture even the tiniest of dust particles.

Its internal airflow system ensures the maximum use of the bag, and it has been manufactured to work effectively whether it’s empty or nearly full. Featuring an automatic hygiene shutter, you can be confident that these bags will prevent any dirt or dust escaping when it comes to changing the bag.

Kit Contents:
15 x Genuine HyClean Dust bags
3 x Genuine Dust Compartment Filter
3 x Genuine Super Air Clean Filter

Fits models:


ELECTRONIC1200, ELECTRONIC1400, ELECTRONIC3200, ELECTRONIC850, MONDIA1200, S125, S140, S141, S142, S143, S144, S145, S146, S147, S148, S152, S157, S158, S160, S163, S164, S166, S168, S190, S192, S193, S194, S195, S198, S2000, S204, S250I, S291, S311I, SAAD0, SAAD1, SAAJ0, SAAJ1, SAAJ2, SAAO0, SAAP3, SABD0, SACD0, SACD1, SACJ0, SACJ1, SACJ2, SACP3, W504(ES)