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SF-AH50 Type Active Air Clean Hepa Filter Cartridge for Miele Vacuum Cleaners (Pack of 3)


SF-AH50 Type Active Air Clean Hepa Filter Cartridges for Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Brand new, premium quality compatible filters for your Miele vacuum cleaner. This filter features an active carbon filter that reduces household odour when cleaning. Please do not order this filter if you require the standard HEPA filter (which is white on both sides) as some models are not compatible with the carbon HEPA filter.

Quantity: Pack of 3

Fits models:


S4261, S4562, S5000, S4262, S4580, S5210, S4000, S4280, S4581, S5211, S4210, S4281, S4582, S5220, S4211, S4282, S4711, S5221, S4212, S4510, S4712, S5260, S4212, Plus, S4511, S4780, S5261, S4221, S4512, S4781, S5280, S4222, S4560, S4782, S5281, S4260, S4561, S4812, S5310, S5311, S5481, S5980, S5321, S5510, S5981, S6310, S5360, S5520, S6210, S6320, S5361, S5560, S6220, S6330, S5380, S5580, S6230, S6340, S5381, S5710, S6240, S6350, S5410, S5711, S5411, S5760, S5421, S5780, S6290, S6260, S6390, S6250, S6360, S6270, S6710, S5480, S5781, S6280, S6730, S6760, S8330, S8390, S8710, S6780, S8340, S8510, S8730, S6790, S8360, S8520, S8790, S8310, S8370, S8530, S8930, S8320, S8380, S8590, S8990

**Will not fit the Cat & Dog Turbo 5000**

Please note: this product is not manufactured by Miele, but it is designed to be compatible with Miele machines. The Miele name, model names and any part numbers have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer.