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Vax Turboforce V-006 V-060 Vacuum Hoover Brushroll Brush Bar Roller - 1912561100

by Vax
Vax Genuine Vacuum Cleaner Brushroll Roller Brush Bar

Brand new genuine original complete brush roll beater bar for your Vax vacuum cleaner.

Length: 330mm

Fits models:


Please Note: This Brush Bar Does Not Fit The V-006L Turboforce Light.

Fits Models: V-006B Turboforce, V-006N Turboforce, V-006 Turboforce, V-006U Turboforce Ultra, V-006X Turboforce Xtra, V-060 Turboforce, V-060A Turboforce, V-060PL Turboforce Plus, V-060C Turboforce Complete, V-060P Turboforce Pet, V-060R Turboforce Reach, V-006S Turboforce, V-060CSP Turboforce, V-060FC Turboforce Floor Command, V-006H Turboforce High Power, V-060PA Turboforce Pet, V-060PP Turboforce Power Pet, V-060APP Turboforce Power Premium, V-060A Turboforce Powermax, V-060X Turboforce Super Power, Infinity By Vax V-060B.

***This is the long brush roll with fits the V006 and not the V006L which uses the short brush roll***